When something is no longer useful we throw it away, discarding it into the ranks of the worthless.  Trash, detritus, garbage, refuse - we deem these objects insignificant because they are no longer advantageous or relevant.  I wonder how often we overlook the beauty in the mundane in search of something more obvious. 

If I have a project, it is to simply give attention to the discarded and to paint what I truly-see-the haphazard way trash piles up on the side of the road, its patterns of light and dark, of texture and space.  Therein is an infinite pallet of color, subtle but diverse, which I transfer to the canvas in thick, gestural strokes. 

In studying the form of trash I discovered new depths of its function.  What we throw away does not disappear,  Tossed by the side of the road it exists ghostlike as artifacts of disembodied humanity. Naked and stripped of any pretense or purpose it is now our history, or legacy.