This statement is about my Texas landscape paintings.

My work is inspired by things that I travel by daily.  Well maintained lots and acreage yield to an abundance of trash, mobile homes and abandoned vehicles.   In the yards the poor stray dogs are pets and their goats are a food supply.  By living in rural Texas I recognize the transient way of life with the migrants, and I am influenced by the cultural marks they leave on our countryside.  Their brightly colored mobile homes, of acid gold and deep maroon, cerulean blue with quinacridone rose are joyful.  Even with meager incomes this shows me a resilient, happy, optimistic and simple outlook on life.  I am drawn by the mystery and intrigue in how they live.  I wonder if I could be so resilient.

I like to paint some areas more realistic and other areas flat with color in simple shapes, I particularly like the foil of the two together.  The trash in the paintings are left monochromatic, unimportant to the inhabitants but still an integral part of the composition.

My current work is comprised of oil on ampersand board.  I try not to use the same color twice.  This forces me to use colors in a different way.  The juxtaposition of colors, intensity, and values, speak to me.  I am not married to a color theory or a particular style of painting or loyal to any one medium. I use what calls to me.