Artist statement

Rural Texas informs my work. Here, well maintained acreage yields to an abundance of trash, mobile homes and abandoned vehicles. Stray dogs wander the yards where goats are raised for food.  Existence is  transient here.  Migrants leave cultural influences in their wake. These traces intrigue me as do the forms  and colors; brightly colored mobile homes, of acid gold and deep maroon, cerulean blue with quinacridone rose.    Resilence and optimism conquer meager incomes.

My work bridges realism and the abstract, the perfect foil for my subject matter.  I represent trash monochromatically  unimportant to the inhabitants of my work but still an integral part of the composition. I work in oil on board or canvas.  I strive never to use the same color twice.  My work is not dictated by a color theory or particular style.  Use what calls to me.